TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration Vendor List - Gig Harbor, WA

Count Image Company Name Medium Type Booth Number City State Work Description
1 SteamWix Candles Gig Harbor, WA SteamWix is a Gig Harbor Company that makes all natural Soy Wax Candles in a variety of scents including some featuring essential oils.
2 GIRL by Rodiwear Clothing 54 Gig Harbor, WA We have apparel items that help support our GIRL promise message.
3 J. Nicoll Designs Clothing 93 Tacoma, WA Appliqued apparel & accessories including aprons, dishtowels, potholders, shirts, vests & totes. Price range: Towels & potholders $9 to vests $58.00
4 Mountain Pacific Clothing 37 gig harbor, WA Malden Mills polar tec fleece. As a product developer for Patigonia and Norht face, Ive also been able create my company, Kids outerwear, buntings, Seahawks coats, hats, Adult outerwear, blankets.
5 Sister Sue Clothing 96 Wauna, WA Hand knit childrens sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, boot cuffs, etc. price range: $8 - $50
6 Circle Couture Fabric 3 Portland, OR Designs range from daily wear to extravagant collections that combine rich jewel tones & metallic fabric made of velvet, tapestry, silk, lace & leather then embellished with free stitch embroidery & applique. 

I use classic design elements such as bustles, pleats, ruching, and corseting to create timeless garments with fancy collars and cuffs, and vintage buttons. 

$22-77  - Hand Warmers, Hats, etc
$55-175 - Pants, Skirts
$85–450  - Vests, Dresses 
$400-$4,000 - Jackets, matched Ensembles
7 Designs by Kasi Fabric 62 Gig Harbor, WA I create unique and fun hand crafted accessories and clothing. Items include cheer bows, hair bows, headbands, ear warmers,, scarves, hats, gloves, wrist ears, ponchos, and shawls. All items are created by me. Prices range from $3 - $75, with the majority of items being $15.
8 Jeannes Designs Fabric 72 LAKEBAY, WA THROW OR ACCENT PILLOWS: Multiple Styles of Washington State theme pillow sets that spotlight our Puget Sound icons and sea life. In addition to the follow featured items: a) Hand quilted lap quilts in updated geometric designs with Seahawk or WSU themes. b) Pillow cases custom designed with quality fabric again featuring Pacific NW icons c) Individually customized Tote Bags and d) Specialty Tea Towel and Apron Sets that are both machine embroidered and appliqued.
9 Jotys Place LLC Fabric 67 Poulsbo, WV fabric items: aprons (upcycled and new), small and large bags, purses, childrens toys, childrens clothes/accessories, crochet/knitted hats/scraves, booties. Paper items: shopping list folders, cards, tea/chocolate packets Jewelry: earrings and bracelets using semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, beads, sterling silver wires (this makes up 10% of my product).
10 kathys kreative krafts Fabric 39 centralia, WA I make havdwoven rag rugs from recycled materials. Some of the materials I use in the rugs are blue jeans,flannel bed sheets,pendelton wool salvage ends,ect.
11 One Eyed Kitty Design Fabric 0 Gig Harbor, WA From felted wool and vintage buttons I make gift card holders,purses and coin purses. Also from felted wool I make stuffed silly birds, VW buses and other animals. From small wood slices I make gift tags decorated with wood burned designs. I make signs for homes using letters/numbers from old license plates and reclaimed wood.
12 Robins Snowmen & Purses Fabric 76 Gig Harbor, WA Snowmen made from recycled wool sweaters and felted wool purses. Also sports snowmen also made from recycled woolen sweaters.
Price range from $30 - $70
13 Stellar Alpacas LLC Fabric Spanaway , WA The alpacas are sheared once a year. We sort the fleece, skirt the fleece to get it ready for processing into yarn, roving, batts, felted sheets & rugs. I now hand paint the yarn, make reversible hats, felted soaps and am learning how to make scarves. The rugs are made from our fiber by outside sources. A friend also hand makes the clothing you will see in the pictures. Prices range from $6.50 to $400.
14 frill Fiber Arts 33 Everett, WA I design and construct a line of handbags, totes, and small accessory items using high end home dec and upholstery fabrics
15 Knee Walker Fiber Arts Fiber Arts 63 Vaughn, WA Alpaca and silk wearable art. Scarves, shoulder wraps, berets, shawls ranging in price from $35 to $350.
16 KYRGYZKONNECTION Fiber Arts 74 Gig Harbor, WA we collect sheep wool from local farmers we clean, card, felt and dye the wool to design and make by hand our one of a kind hats, scarves and earrings.
17 Sasquatch Arts Fiber Arts DES MOINES, WA Primary items are handwoven products including scarves, baby blankets, shawls, etc. We also make crochet items and some small ceramic items. Prices range from $10 to $85.
18 Dogwood Hill Designs & Glass by Sarah Allen Glass 51 Gig Harbor, WA Fused glass dishes, coasters, and sun catchers; Dichroic glass jewelry;

Our prices range from $5 to $80, with most items being in the $15-25 price range.
19 Johnsen Glass Art Glass 73 Tacoma, WA The work I will be presenting will be Tacoma local handblown glass. Works such as garden art, drinking glasses and more. The price range will be $15-$100 and some of the bigger art pieces going for $150-1000
20 Maxs Creations Glass 59 Gig Harbor, WA I re-purpose glass bottles that may end up in a landfill. From wine bottles and liquor bottles I cut and make hurricane lanterns, drink glasses, wind chimes, solar lights and serving plates, to mention just a few. My products range from $15.00 to $40.00.
21 New Life Art Glass Glass Belfair, WA We hand craft glass bird feeders, glass hummingbird feeders and glass bird bathes from recycled glass. Our price ranges from $39 to $69 for the feeders and about $89 form our bird bathes.
22 Aspirations By Paula Jewelry 10 Gig Harbor, WA Hand cut Storytelling stone pendants, Earrings made from rare 1930s East German glass, pre-WWII Czech glass, handblown lamp work glass and various gemstones from all around the world.
23 Autentico Jewelry 7 Auburn, WA I design and handcraft botanical jewelry and handbags made with natural and organic materials such as seeds, nuts, leather and sisal. My price range for necklaces is $20-35 and for handbags from $55-75
24 Bejeweling Jewelry 18 Olympia, WA I design and create handcrafted unique Fine or Sterling Silver and Mixed Metal Earrings and Necklaces in different styles, shapes, colors and sizes. The earrings and necklaces include all silver wire or sheet metal or silver and copper with and without beads. The beads I use are Swarovski and Czech crystals, gemstones, Swarovski cubic zirconia, silver, lamp work, fire polished and sea glass. The price range is $18.00 to $70.00
25 Beth Richman Designs Jewelry 41 Seattle, WA Art Deco Enamel Brooches $19 to $54
26 Designed By Meg Jewelry 58 Olalla, WA I make both wood and enamel jewelry, ranging in price from $15 - $19.50.
27 Dianes Dezines Jewelry 69 Gig Harbor, WA I have been a jewelry artist for over 13 years,and have participated in many of the larger local shows, and farmers markets.I fuse my own glass and do wire wrapping among many other things. I have also expanded my fused glass to include Yard Art, home decor and more. My prices will range from $3.00 and up to $200.00.
28 echo artworks Jewelry 89 Bremerton, WA we create jewelry and accessories using vintage, uncirculated glass and crystal produced in the US and Europe circa World War II. We also create jewelry and gifts from found seaglass, beach rocks and driftwood.
29 Fantasticality Jewelry 75 Tacoma, WA I am an accomplished metalworker and silversmith, but not a purist. Traditional techniques such as hammering, piercing, and polishing are standards. Soldering is often combined with rivets, bolts and other cold connecting techniques. I work with gemstones, both cabochons and faceted, but I also utilize found objects such as watch movements or vintage earrings. I like to mix metals. My jewelry is comfortable to wear. Prices range from $18 to $350, with most necklaces in the $39 to $129 range.
30 happy fox studio Jewelry 94 Tacoma, WA I make minimalist jewelry, mostly from reclaimed materials. Prices range from $10 for studs to $40 for gemstone necklaces. I would have a few pairs of earrings on hand that were sterling silver and 14K gold which range from $24-56.
31 Isabel Mirabeau Jewelry Design Jewelry 25 Gig Harbor, WA Antique-style necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, 100% made by me in my studio in Gig Harbor, WA and featuring various semi-precious gemstones including
turquoise, coral, pearl and a multitude of crystals. My designs are a unique style that combines an antiqued European look with the ruggedness of the West. Also including hand-stamped, hand-painted and hand-embossed metal patina pieces with a very distinctive appearance.
Prices range from $18 for earrings through $125 for necklaces.
32 JM Jewelry Creations Jewelry 86 Redmon, WA Handmade jewelry, made using fine silver. Earrings and pendants.
33 Lavalliere Design Jewelry 34 Port Orchard , WA I do beadweaving with a needle using fossils, gemstones, and crystals, and gemstone beads with glass micro seed beads. Metal findings are either 925 silver or 14k gold filled. Prices range from $85 to $500 or higher for custom orders depending on detail and materials used.
34 Michaels Designs Jewelry Vashon, WA I collect and cut my own stones then create sterling silver settings for each unique gemstone.
35 Oregon Jewelry Jewelry Corvallis , OR I handcraft solid bronze, copper, and silver earrings, hair combs, hair barrettes, ornaments, rings, and bracelets. All items are hand forged, welded or soldered, pounded into shape and given a high shine. My prices range from $18 - $48.
36 SuStudio Jewelry Jewelry 97 Renton, WA Original hand-fabricated metal + stone jewelry designs of sterling silver, copper, gold-filled, brass wire + sheet metal with or without gemstones. My jewelry influences include nature, calligraphy (both eastern and western) and xie yi (freestyle) Chinese brush painting. My prices range from $15 to $249 with the majority of pieces in the $30 - $100 range.
37 Tai Vautier Jewelry Jewelry Portland, OR I hand fabricate all my jewelry from high karat gold and silver. I employ advanced techniques such as fusing, forging and reticulating to achieve my shapes and textures. My price ranges from $45-$3500
38 The Twinkle Shoppe Jewelry Fircrest, WA Handmade gumball style jewelry for children and adults.These fun necklaces and bracelets are made out of large acrylic beads that look like gumballs. I have a large variety of cute themes and color combinations for little girls and their American Girl dolls. Adult styles are mostly in Seahawks color schemes. Prices range from $8-$20. I also offer custom orders.
39 Woven Chains Jewelry Jewelry Covington, WA Each piece of jewelry is woven from individual rings, carefully opened and closed “one ring at a time” and worked into intricate patterns. Woven Chains specializes in sterling silver jewelry, with accents in 14K gold fill and colorful niobium. Sparkle is added using precious and semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals.
40 Becklers recycled metal art Metal 70 Gig Harbor, WA Metal art and fabrication 25-400 &
custom rock planters with bonsai style plants 25-400 Also antler art 10-750
41 Blackwaters Metal Art Metal 5 Port Orchard , WA Original, Handcrafted, plasma-cut steel garden art and home decor
42 Dennis Cant - Artist Metal 11 Arlington, WA Original 1-of-a-kind, hand crafted metal art, using a variety of torches and hand tools embellished with gifts from mother nature. Prices range from $29 to $479.
43 Heritage Forge Metal 31 Maple Valley, WA Forged steel items, hand made for the home and garden. Prices range from 36.00 to 3,000.00 All items are designed and created by me, I am a one man operation with no employees.
44 Hinshaws Art Quest Metal 65 Camano Island, WA My patterns cut from steel with torch, detailed with grinder, heated with the torch to achieve colors. wall hangings indoor art. $45 - $800
45 Angels From My Heart Miscellaneous 66 Puyallup, WA Angel ornaments and brooch pins. All are designed and made by me.I assure you that none of them are made from kits. I personalize them by adding the birthstones of family members. Prices are $15-$32.
46 Art In Stone (AKA Redrummd Knives) Miscellaneous 79 Fox Island , WA Stone Artwork with all of the stone works completed in my shop on Fox Island. Knife scales, earrings and necklace pendants. Over 2650 knives sold with works carried by the 5 Jade West stores. Necklace pendants start at $25.; earrings at $50. folding pocket knives start at $150. and 4 knife Kitchen sets go as high as $3,999.
47 Beachin Girls Art Miscellaneous 61 Gig Harbor, WA Stained glass mosaic rocks and tables, beach glass sailboats and jewelry, shell wreathes, beach nativities and garden stones. $25-$250
48 Butterfusion Miscellaneous 92 Puyallup, WA I create compound butters. I have seven flavors and they are $6.95 each.
49 Chriss Country Essence ... The Place To Bee Miscellaneous 8 Tacoma, WA Pure Beeswax Candles
Honey based skin care, bath and body product line that I make. Simply Natural gifts in a variety of packaging.
50 Earthly Expressions Miscellaneous 71 Gig Harbor, WA My work is composed of beads. Each item is unique,one of a kind design. I make beaded sculptures, beaded bottles, cuffs, necklaces,earrings,framed items and all are individually hand made and designed.
51 Faux Filigree Miscellaneous 36 Gig Harbor, WA Hand painted water bottles, lanterns, and recycled glassware, inspired by the intricate beauty of Moroccan lanterns and filigree designs. Prices range from $8 to $60.
52 Fox Island Trading Co. Miscellaneous 45 FOX ISLAND, WA We offer handcrafted organics such as soaps, bath and body products, skincare, mens grooming and shaving products of which ingredients used are regionally sourced whenever possible. We also offer products such as our lip balms made from the honey and beeswax of our very own hives.
53 From Flat Tire ... to Evening Attire Miscellaneous 85 Port Angeles, WA I recycle inner tubes and bicycle tires and create bags, purses, totes, belts, pins and more. From $15 to $78
54 Gourd Art by Jill West Miscellaneous 44 Anacortes, WA I use a wood burner on gourds of all sizes. Then color the designs with gourd stains and dyes. I make lots of small ornaments $18 to $22. Medium sized gourds are around 50 to 60 and a few large ones up around 200.
55 leisure time crafts Miscellaneous LAKEWOOD, WA infant infinity scarfs, kids games portable high chairs with travel bibs, kids back packs, art bags, baby quilts, crochet mermaid tails to name some. prices $5 - $70 approximately.
56 Local Author Miscellaneous 99 BREMERTON, WA Local Author
DV Berkom: USA Today bestselling local author of two thriller series featuring strong female protagonists. Paperback copies: $8-10 each (30-40% savings off list price).

Jennifer Conner http://jenniferconnerwriter.blogspot.com/) local contemporary romance author (Port Orchard) $5-10/book

Chris Karlsen (http://chriskarlsen.com/) a local author (time travel romance, thrillers, and historical mysteries.) $5-10/book.
57 Paulas Soaps Miscellaneous 49 Seattle, WA All natural handmade soaps, bath bombes, personal care gift items. I use the finest ingredients and aim to gently care for, and be pleasing to all the senses with my products.
58 Purdy Organics LLC Miscellaneous Gig Harbor, WA Local and Organic Pickle products
8.99 to 14.00
59 Village Crafts- Miscellaneous 0 Tacoma, WA I make Oyster Shell and Driftwood Santas. I make collages of Snowmen and Santas on tree stumps. I use air dry clay, mortar, shells. tiles and glass to embellish my work
60 Yeaman Designs Miscellaneous Port Orchard, WA Yeaman Designs has a line of Velvet Bath Bombs. The bath bombs are for muscle/joint recovery/relaxation and wellness. The bath bombs are 5.00 dollars each or six for 25.00. Yeaman designs also does block printing on fabrics, mixed media, paining and more. Come Check us out! Prices range from $3.00-$400.00.
61 Arrow and Co. Gig Harbor Artist Jenny Monroe Mixed Media 101 Gig Harbor, WA I make handmade designer pillows with new and vintage fabrics. I also do mixed media crafts- tiles/coasters with decorative paper, unique hangers of botanical and natural images ( butterflies, plants, etc.) resigned onto wood. My style is modern/bohemian and I owned a boutique in Seattle for 16 years where I sold my various artwork before moving to Gig Harbor last summer. Price range is $4 to $45.I think my style would be a great fit for your festival.
62 Beads of Spirit Mixed Media 20 Quilcene, WA I am a mixed-media artist and currently my work is about celebrating and combining mediums with a focus on Spirit Dolls, Beadwork and Fibers. The beaded jewelry pieces I create are made with semi precious gemstones, seed beads and lampwork beads. The Spirit Dolls and Art Vessels I create are often a reflection of something working beneath the surface of my consciousness. Each piece is created intuitively from spirit in a meditative process. Prices range from $20 to $300.
63 Carolyns Gifts Mixed Media 83 Kelso, WA Price range is from $5-125. Soft sculpture art, snowmen, Santas, Xmas tree decorations, signs, and wreaths using a variety of wood, cloth, ceramics, etc.
64 carriecards Mixed Media 81 Port Orchard, WA Handmade greeting cards, paper covered gift bags and boxes, paper decorated bottles
65 CollageOrama Mixed Media 32 Gig Harbor, WA Art prints printed on recycled book pages.
66 Craft Mixup Mixed Media 88 Federal Way, WA I create mixed media/ upcycled art ranging from jewelry to wall canvases. My prices range anywhere from $10-$300/ piece.
67 In Nature Designs Mixed Media 55 Gig Harbor, WA Nature inspired original artwork/pen & watercolor on art tiles, trivets, coasters, greeting cards, aprons,tote bags,mousepads, lacquer boxes with tile inset on hinged lid.
Prices range from $10-$60
68 Languid Decadence Artworks Mixed Media 24 Shoreline, WA METAL/WOOD Fish Weathervane Designs and
small assemblages with whimsical legends. $15 - $100
69 melbeck studio Mixed Media TACOMA, WA I create Functional floor art as well as whimsical art on glass. Price is $10-$1000
70 Scarletts Fairy Garden Mixed Media 13 Fox Island, WA Handcrafted miniature twig fairy houses,princess dress up hats, Robin Hood hats with feathers, tiny fairy dolls dressed in leaves and flowers, miniature handmade non-edible sweets, small fairy beds, swings and chairs, hand painted glittery fairy wings,floral light up hair wreaths.

My items are priced from $6.00 to $60.00 and all suitable for all ages.
71 Rosemaling by Ursula Painting 14 Olalla, WA Norwegian Rosemaling painted on Wood, Glass
ornaments, wood benches, wood plates and wood bowels.
Price range $5.00 to $250.00
72 Earth Rhythms Photography Photography 38 Tacoma, WA Northwest nature photography - greeting cards, prints, framed pieces. $3.75 - $120.
Self-published beekeeping memoir and novel, $15.
73 Leave a Trail Photography Photography 78 Black Diamond, WA Photos of close encounters with wildlife and the beautiful landscape surrounding the animals.

Items include photo magnets, photo greeting cards, matted prints ranging from 5x7 up to 11x14, and framed/matted prints ranging from 11x14 up to 24x36.

Price ranges from $6.00 up to $250.00, with the majority selling at $30.
74 Northwest Moments Photography Gig Harbor , WA Photography - Photo Greeting Cards, Notecards, matted prints, framed prints, & photo canvases. Prices range from $3.00 for the cards to $125.00 for larger canvases and prints. Prints matted to 11x14 will sell for approximately $20.00.
75 JMPottery Pottery 15 Gig Harbor, WA High-fire reduction pottery, ranging from $15 for a small cup to $400 for larger sculptures.
76 Lisa Marfa Pottery Pottery 84 Federal Way, WA Functional and decorative pottery
77 Natures Lover Clayworks Pottery 91 Gig Harbor, WA Handbuilt and wheel thrown one of a kind decorative functional ceramic stoneware items for kitchen and garden. My prices range from $5.00-$200.00 with most falling in the $20.00-40.00 range
78 StillFire Pottery Pottery Freeland, WA My work is functional / decorative porcelain pottery and is all wheel thrown and hand built pieces, high reduction fired.
The price range is $14-$195.
79 The Pottery Shed Pottery 27 Enumclaw, WA my work include hand building as well as wheel throwing. They are functional and decorating items. the price range goes from 6$ to 85$.
80 Able Wood Design Wood 12 Auburn, WA I make high-end functional and artistic wood pieces for the home and as great gift ideas.
81 Bella Maps Wood 1 Bothell, WA Hand Carved 3-D Map clocks $98
Laser Carved 3-D Wood Maps with backlighting $288-$708
Hand made tables with 3-D Wood Map inlay $558-$808
82 Bos Retirement Job Wood 59 Yelm, WA We make various items out of wine barrel staves. Items range from wine tables, lazy susans and trays to signs using the stave. Our products range from 10.00 to 150.00.
83 Braggs Creations Wood 53 Tacoma, WA Handmade wood toys ranging in price from $2.50 to $75.00.
84 Cindys Wood 56 Arlington, WA I hand make a variety of useful gifts and art out of wood. Many items are turned round on a lathe and others are created from flat wood. My prices range from $3 key rings up to several hundred dollar artist vases and bowl. Many of my useful gifts are in the 10 to 40 dollar range.
85 Creative Arts Wood 35 Gig Harbor, WA Christmas tree ornaments made of wood, some wooden puzzles, Prices $10 to $45
86 Franks Wood-N-Shop Wood 29 Seabeck, WA Wood Products: Candle Holders, Cutting Boards, Wine Racks, Various Wood Boxes
Price range $20.00 to $180.00
87 Gill Nets Wood 100 SUMNER, WA We build custom handmade wooden fly fishing nets. Our nets are made one at time with domestic and/or exotic woods. Each sports a fish-friendly net bag. We have sizes for wading, pontoon boats, drift boats, a medium guide net, and a large guide/steelhead net. Priced $100 to $250. We also build wooden push toys $15.
88 Island FolkArt Wood 46 vashon, WA hand carved and painted characters and flags. Made from recycled cedar logs found on our beach on Vashon island. Price range is from $15 to $225.
89 Jacks Unique Birdhouses Wood 102 Puyallup, WA Handmade cedar mosaic birdhouses, bird feeders, and squirrel feeders. $30 - $150
90 KND Woodworking Wood 16 BONNEY LAKE, WA I make a variety of home furnishings i.e. cutting boards, cheese boards, pizza peels, trivets, cup holders, candle holders and table lamps. Each is hand made from carefully selected hardwoods. My prices range from $15 for cup holders to $1000 for my most expensive table lamp. I sell mostly cutting boards in the $100-$250 range.
91 Love You Deerly Designs Wood 68 University Place, WA I make wood signs and furniture. Lots of fun home decor for all price ranges. My smaller signs start anywhere from $18 and the larger signs like my ruler growth chart can go from $70-$100 depending on personalization. I have lots of Washington or local signs along with some new Christmas decor I am working on now.
92 Millers Crafts Wood Edgewood, WA Hand turned wooden bowls, wine stoppers, platters, pill and toothpick holders, seam rippers and potpouribowls with prices from $20 to $300.
93 moondance Wood vashon, WA cutting boards,butcher blocks, rolling pins, wooden kitchen utensils and boxes.Stained glass feathers and Heritage bud vases from recycled tubes used at Beall Greenhouses on Vashon for 101 years.
94 NotsoDull! Fine Wood Turning Wood Edmonds, WA Lathe turned wood bowls, platters, vessels, art pieces, pens, corkscrews, votive candles, keychains, ornaments, etc. Prices range from $12 to $300+
95 SIBBETT STUDIO Wood 21 Tacoma, WA cedar wood puzzles sell for $15 to $50
hand stretched canvas arts $75 to $350
hand turned wood bowls $75 and up
wedding guests book puzzle $100-$200
96 Simply Stated Wood Gig harbor, WA Wood signs - welcome signs - home decor - established signs
97 Sound Shores Studio Wood 2 Lakebay, WA I make bear and wolf face candle holders, ornaments, magnets, Lamps and accessories from found or salvaged wood. They are hand-carved and the faces are wood burned. I Also make stone sculpture. All of my items are hand made by me and are truly unique. Prices range from 8.00 for an ornament, 10.00 to 25.00 for a candle holder, up to 250.00 for a lamp.
98 Turned Wood Wonders Wood 9 Gig Harbor, WA Turned wood in a variety of forms, not just bowls. However the bowls that are presented will be of extremely fine quality. Local woods will be used most often. Trees are obtained from homeowners as a result of storms or other reason for losing a tree. Some woods come from Oregon.
Turnings will range in price from $65.00 to several hundred dollars depending upon the piece of art. All bowls will be functional and may be used for food. True art pieces may not be intended for such uses.